If you're spending time managing bids on pay per click search engines you should also be managing and measuring your advertising return on investment (ROI). Bid management on all ppc engines is time consuming.

With the ROIspy return on investment calculator, you will know with actual data which ppc search engine is producing positive results on your bottom line. Find out if your ppc traffic is converting into sales, into leads or into nothing!

Spy on the traffic that you are receiving and see what is working and what is not! Start transforming raw data into knowledge you can use to make profitable online promotion decisions.

Join and get started developing new approaches to acquisition, growth, attrition, loyalty and more. Start measuring the profitability of each search term promoted with pay-per-ranking search engines, banners campaigns, SEO ranking improvements or any promotion originating from the Internet!

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The ROIspy™ service tracks visitors coming only from websites of interest to you. Define your advertising campaigns and we will provide the return on investment information for each! Prices include a specific number of events (visits and conversions) followed according to the tracking criteria you give us. You automatically get the best possible price in relation to your campaign traffic. You do not pay for visitors that we do not follow as part of a specific campaign.

Prices are calculated per 1000 events tracked(visits and conversions)

A minimum of a $15 monthly charge is required.

Once you reach a higher monthly level of traffic, the lower price applies to all events

Anytime you deposit money in your account you get a 5% prepayment credit. Pay $100.00 and $105.00 is added to your account.

After receiving their first month free, clients must prepay $100.00 with their credit card. Subsequent charges also have a $100.00 minimum.

Any balance is fully refunded upon cancellation. To be eligible for the refund you must remove our code completely from your pages.

When you choose to follow our pre-packaged referrers (such as top search engines or all referrers captured) any visitor originating from them will count as an event. Subsequent visits by a previous visitor will count as one event as well. We maintain records on visitors that do not initially purchase, register, inquire or whatever you consider a success or conversion for a period up to 90 days or until they reach your success page or point of measurement.

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